Best iPad Science Apps for Kids

The iPad is a great resource if you want to supplement your child’s science education. The best way to learn about science is to explore the topic through experiments and hands-on applications. These applications help to bring science to life. You can use them to build your child’s curiosity in science or as a way for them to delve more deeply into a subject that they already love. You may want to explore the iBooks available for the iPad. They are each only $15.00 and will explore a topic in-depth with related videos.

Bobo Explores Light
This app takes children through a story that explores how light and electricity works. It has a cute main character that really appeals to kids. It explains how light works, and has games that demonstrates the various points that it teachers. The app itself is not very long; it may take about an hour at most to go through the entire thing the first time. However there is good replay value for the children, which allows your children to review the concepts. This is a good secondary source if your child is learning about electricity.

Solar Walk and Star Walk
The Solar Walk app is one of the first apps that was introduced along with the iPad. A similar application is Star Walk. Solar Walk allows you to explore the different planets in the solar system and the sun. You can check the different positions of the planets currently as well as learn more detailed information on each individual planet. Star Walk is another app that explores space. This application focuses more on space outside of the solar system. It can help you find stars in the night sky. It is a great app to have if you are planning on stargazing. These apps make great resources if your child is currently studying astronomy. The hands on interaction may help them to better understand and absorb the information about the planets and space.

Science 360 for the iPad
This app by the National Science Foundation is one of the most highly rated apps with hundreds of five-star reviews. It is updated on a regular basis and provides the latest news stories. It also provides streaming video and photos if you are interested in exploring a topic more in-depth. This is a great resource to have on hand to support all the different science fields. It can be used as a resource for younger and older students as well.

BrainPop Featured Movie
This app offers a new topic every day with a video that explains the topic and then at least four more resources that allows your child to explore the topic more in-depth. You can subscribe for $1.99 a month, which gives you access to the featured topic for the day. Another subscription rate of $6.99 a month allows you to access all of the topics each day. It is a good option if you want to encourage your children to learn. The topics expand beyond just science topics into other educational areas as well.

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