BBC News: Kryptonite Discovered in Mine

‘Kryptonite’ discovered in mine. ‘Kryptonite is no longer just the stuff of fiction feared by caped superheroes. A new mineral matching its unique chemistry – as described in the film Superman Returns – has been identified in a mine in Serbia. According to movie and comic-book storylines, kryptonite is supposed to sap Superman’s powers whenever he is exposed to its large green crystals.
The real mineral is white and harmless, says Dr Chris Stanley, a mineralogist at London’s Natural History Museum. “I’m afraid it’s not green and it doesn’t glow either – although it will react to ultraviolet light by fluorescing a pinkish-orange,” he told BBC News.’

Natural History Museum: Superman beware, kryptonite is real. ‘A new mineral matching kryptonite’s unique chemistry has been identified. It will be formally named Jadarite later this year.’

Wikipedia: Jadarite. ‘Jadarite is a white, powdery, non-radioactive monoclinic mineral, whose chemical formula is sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide: LiNaSiB3O7(OH) or Na2OLi2O(SiO2)2(B2O3)3H2O. It was discovered in November 2006, in a mine at the Jadar Valley (Serbian Cyrillic: Јадар, Yaddar) in Serbia, from which it is named. It was confirmed as a new mineral after scientists at the Natural History Museum in London and the National Research Council of Canada conducted tests on it. Jadarite was first found by Dr. Chris Stanley from the Natural History Museum. Researchers from the dual listed company Rio Tinto Exploration discovered the mineral, and after being unable to match it with previously known minerals enlisted the expertise of Dr. Stanley, from the Natural History Museum, who later described it as being unique to mineralogy.’

The Superman Encyclopedia: Kryptonite

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