Astroparticle Physics in Europe: Six Key Challenges Identified

Astrophysicists draw up wish list. ‘Astroparticle physicists in Europe have identified six key challenges that they face and the new facilities that they need to meet their research aims. Their plans for the next ten years have been outlined in The Astroparticle Physics Roadmap Phase 1 published by ApPEC and ASPERA, which are consortia of national agencies that pay for astroparticle physics research in Europe.
The roadmap identifies six “basic questions” that need to be addressed by the astroparticle community over the next decade:

  1. What is the Universe made of? In particular: What is dark matter?
  2. Do protons have a finite life time?
  3. What are the properties of neutrinos? What is their role in cosmic evolution?
  4. What do neutrinos tell us about the interior of the Sun and the Earth, and about Supernova explosions?
  5. What is the origin of cosmic rays ? What is the view of the sky at extreme energies ?
  6. Can we detect gravitational waves ? What will they tell us about violent cosmic processes and about the nature of gravity?

Final version of the Roadmap – Phase I: Status and Perspective of Astroparticle Physics in Europe (PDF, 4.66 MB)

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