Article: Hollywood Blockbusters – Unlimited Fun but Limited Science Literacy

Hollywood Blockbusters: Unlimited Fun but Limited Science Literacy, C.J. Efthimiou and R.A. Llewellyn, arXiv:0707.1167v1. Abstract: In this article, we examine specific scenes from popular action and sci-fi movies and show how they blatantly break the laws of physics, all in the name of entertainment, but coincidentally contributing to science illiteracy. [via EETimes]

Excerpt: Hollywood directors and special effects creators work hard to create impressive scenes in movies to excite the audience. However, many scenes are created with absolute disregard of the physical laws in our universe. Sometimes the scene is so profoundly wrong that it is hard to be missed. However, often the absurdity is hard to detect by people not very fluent in science literacy and untrained in critical thinking. In this way, Hollywood is reinforcing (or even creating) incorrect scientific attitudes that can have negative results for the society. This is a good reason to recommend that all citizens be taught critical thinking and be required to develop basic science and quantitative literacy. (Download article, PDF)

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