Art of Science: Waltz of the Polypeptides

Waltz of the Polypeptides Joins CSHL’s Art of Science Collection. ‘Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) welcomes the arrival of Waltz of the Polypeptides, a sculpture that dramatically brings the worlds of art and science together in a way that both scientists and the public can enjoy.
Created by New York City-based artist Mara G. Haseltine, the eighty foot long, ten foot high sculpture depicts a subcellular protein factory called a ribosome caught in the act of producing the BLyS protein, which stimulates the production of infection-fighting antibodies in the body.’

Mara G. Haseltine: Waltz of the Polypetides. ‘The inspiration for “Waltz of the Polypeptides” comes from one of the smallest muses on the planet, a subject so tiny it can only be seen with an electron microscope. It is a subcellular organelle called a ribosome. Within each cell, ribosomes produce the smallest functional elements in all living organisms, proteins. In “Waltz of the Polypeptides” the viewer literally walks through the birth of a single protein.
To create this work, Mara G. Haseltine studied the ribosomes and proteins and used accurate molecular renderings of electron microscopic and nuclear magnetic resonance images for her armatures. She manipulated this raw data using a 3-D computer program into a design which kept the integrity of Mother Nature’s form while simultaneously creating a work that was comprehensible and pleasing to its viewers.’

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