Aqueous Phase Reforming (APR): Generating Hydrogen from Biomass

Hydrogen from Biomass. ‘A small company in Madison, WI has developed a novel way to generate hydrogen cheaply and cleanly from biomass. In the next couple of weeks, the technology, developed by Virent Energy Systems, will be used for the first time to continuously produce electricity from a small 10-kilowatt generator at the company’s facility in Madison. The unit is fueled by corn syrup, similar to the kind used by soft drinks manufacturers, says CEO Eric Apfelbach. The company is also about to begin work on a $1 million U.S. Navy project to build portable fuel-cell generators. The goal is to make self-contained units capable of producing their own hydrogen from a biomass-derived glycerol solution or even antifreeze.’

Virent Energy Systems: APR (Aqueous Phase Reforming) Can Make a Difference. ‘The process is a unique method that produces hydrogen from a wide range of oxygenated compounds, such as ethylene glycol, biomass-derived glycerol, sugars and sugar-alcohols. The APR system generates hydrogen from aqueous solutions of these oxygenated compounds in a single step reactor process compared to the three or more reaction steps required for hydrogen generation via conventional processes that utilize non-renewable fossil fuels.’

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