All About Acrylamide in Food

Simply change ingredients to reduce acrylamide, say researchers. ‘Substitution of certain ingredients could reduce acrylamide content of finished products by as much as 70 per cent, say Swiss researchers. The new study, a collaboration between the Institute of Food Science and Nutrition at ETH Zurich and the Swiss biscuit manufacturer Kambly, reports that substitution of key ingredients could significantly reduce the acrylamide content of a semi-finished biscuit product.

The Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST): Acrylamide Information and News. ‘IFST has concluded that, despite the extensive research since 2002, until there is substantially greater scientific evidence on such matters as the mechanism of formation of acrylamide in food, the nature and extent of uptake from food (and other sources) by humans, and the relationship between acrylamide in food and cancer in humans, it is not yet appropriate to issue an Information Statement on acrylamide in food. Meanwhile instead IFST is providing this page of Acrylamide Information & News from reputable sources to serve to keep readers informed about developments.’

Acrylamide in Food Network – Acrylamide Infonet. ‘This network functions as a global resource and inventory of ongoing research on acrylamide in food. It includes formal research, surveillance/monitoring and industry investigations, etc.’

Food Safety Research Information Office: Acrylamide Resource List

Acrylamide Questions & Answers

Acrylamide Chemical Profile

Molecule of the Week – Acrylamide

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