Adjudin – Male Contraceptive of the Future

Male Contraceptive Drug In The Works. ‘Scientists report promising results with a male contraceptive drug tested on rats. The drug, called Adjudin, is a long way from human use. But lab tests on rats showed no signs of side effects, and the drug’s effects wore off in 20 weeks. The researchers included Chuen-yan Cheng, PhD, of the Population Council’s Center for Biomedical Research. The Population Council is a New York-based international nonprofit organization that conducts biomedical, social science, and public health research. Basically, Adjudin nips wannabe sperm cells in the bud. Those cells, called germ cells, ordinarily develop into sperm. But they need the help of other cells, called Sertoli cells, to reach that destiny.’

The Hunt for Male Birth Control. ‘Though the female birth control pill—which contains hormones that prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs—has been around since 1960, men have surprisingly few of their own reversible contraceptive options. But by injecting a compound into the abdomens of mice, the authors of a recent study were able to effectively inhibit the development of sperm without any adverse side effects.’

Blood–testis barrier dynamics are regulated by an engagement/disengagement mechanism between tight and adherens junctions via peripheral adaptors, Helen H. N. Yan, C. Yan Cheng, PNAS, 102 (33), 11722-11727 (2006).

Wikipedia – Adjudin: Adjudin (AF-2364), also 1-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-1H-indazole-3-carbohydrazide, is an analogue of indazole-carboxylic acid that is of interest in the investigation for male contraception. Other methods of male contraception

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