About Ferrian Adrià and Molecular Gastronomy

Ferran Adrià, Molecular Gastronomist—Who, Me?. ‘Most people know Ferran Adrià as food’s preeminent futurist, the godfather of foam and other gastronomic advances, a mad Catalonian scientist who spends half the year cloistered away in his culinary lab and the other half making culinary history at El Bulli. But when he and nine like-minded compatriots came to town this month to promote Spain and lend some flash and dazzle to the French Culinary Institute’s subsumption into the new International Culinary Center, we found the world’s top chef to have more in common with us mere mortals than his lofty reputation (and, he believes, misunderstood culinary intentions) might suggest.’

Wikipedia: Molecular gastronomy is the application of science to culinary practice and more generally gastronomical phenomena.

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