A Wrong Signal?

Royal Society Is Cautious About Open Access. ‘Britain’s Royal Society has published a position statement warning of the potential costs of mandating free access to journal articles. The independent scientific academy says a hasty shift to open-access publishing could reduce learned societies’ ability to support scientific activities, kill off some existing journals, and even ‘hinder rather than promote the exchange of knowledge between researchers.’

The Royal Society’s press release: Royal Society warns hasty ’open access’ moves may damage science.

Update: Open Letter from Fellows of the Royal Society regarding the Society’s position statement on open access. ‘As Fellows of the Royal Society, we would like to express our disappointment with the Society’s recent position statement1 on open access to published research. The society’s statement, which takes a largely negative stance on open access, appears to be aimed at delaying implementation of the Research Councils UK’s proposed policy2 on access to research outputs.’ [Continue reading the letter]

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