A New Biofuel: Biobutanol

Dupont, BP Set to Market Sugar Beet-Based Biofuel. ‘Chemical maker DuPont said Tuesday it will begin marketing biofuels for the transportation sector next year through a partnership with oil company BP plc. The companies said a collaboration they began in 2003 has advanced to the point where they plan to introduce butanol made from sugar beets as a gasoline blending component in the United Kingdom. DuPont and BP are working with British Sugar, a subsidiary of Associated British Foods plc, to convert Britain’s first ethanol fermentation facility to produce biobutanol. They also are looking at the feasibility of constructing larger facilities in the United Kingdom.’

DuPont and BP to introduce ‘biobutanol’

Biobutanol: A Superior, Renewable Substitute for Gasoline

Biobutanol Fact Sheet (PDF)

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