21 Scientists Who are Changing the World According to iBIO

The iBIO Life Sciences Innovators – 20 People You Don’t Know, Who are Changing the World: This first edition of the iBIO Life Sciences Innovators features 20 leading researchers, who are working to unlock the mysteries of the life sciences in all areas of biotechnology – medical, agricultural, environmental and industrial. The iBIO Life Sciences Innovators are shaping and influencing all areas in the exciting field of biotechnology and connect you with the important work they are doing.

They are in fact 21: Gregory J. Brewer, Don Caspary, Millicent Firestone, Andrei Gudkov, Paul Hergenrother, Andrezj Joachimiak, Don S. Kaufman, Neil Kelleher, John A. Kessler, David M. Kranz, Joerg Lanann, Thomas J. Meade, Bill Metcalf, Richard Minshall, Chad Mirkin, Sean Morrison, Milan Mrksich, Toru Nakamura, Daphne Preuss, Samuel L. Stupp and Peter Sutovsky.

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