2007 Physics Nobel Prize Laureates Articles Freely Available

The American Physical Society has announced that both of the original articles describing the work that led to this year’s physics Nobel Prize have been made free-to-read. While the Nobel Laureates made their discoveries independently, both published their fundamental work in papers submitted to the Physical Review journals in 1988:

Enhanced magnetoresistance in layered magnetic structures with antiferromagnetic interlayer exchange, G. Binasch, P. Grünberg, F. Saurenbach and W. Zinn, Phys. Rev. B 39, 4828 (1989);

Giant Magnetoresistance of (001)Fe/(001)Cr Magnetic Superlattices, M. N. Baibich, J. M. Broto, A. Fert, F. Nguyen Van Dau, F. Petroff, P. Eitenne, G. Creuzet, A. Friederich, and J. Chazelas, Phys. Rev. Lett. 61, 2472 (1988).

Access AIP Journal Articles from Albert Fert and Peter Grünberg – Winners of the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics. The American Institute of Physics made a selection of articles published in their journals by Albert Fert (Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France) and Peter Grünberg (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany) since 1998 – the year of their prize-winning discovery of giant magnetoresistance. Articles from 1988 to 1997 are freely available.

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