This blog did not close (yet)…

For several reasons, I am not being able of updating this blog as much I would like. I have been making some minor changes, for example, on the lists of recommended blogs. However, no new posts. As I have explained to those who kindly wrote to me asking what was going on, this pause is temporary. There are many things happening in the world of Chemistry in the Internet and I plan to report it here very soon.

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  1. SpresiWEB chemical and reaction database

    For practical synthetic organic chemists out there: I want to plug the SpresiWEB online database (free demo accounts available, of course, so give it a spin). The following relevant features might pique your curiosity:

    The SPRESIweb 2.4 version developed by InfoChem is an integrated scientific database containing over

    * 5.0 million molecules
    * 3.7 million reactions
    * 600,000 references
    * 164,000 patents

    covering the years 1974 – 2004.
    SPRESIweb offers links to several document delivery services as:

    * FIZ AutoDoc, TIBORDER, Subito and CISTI,
    * patent offices (Espacenet, US Patent & Trademark Office and MicroPatent) and

    to other databases like ChemNavigator and company inhouse databases.

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