Linus Pauling and the Nature of the Chemical Bond: A Documentary History

From Oregon State University, we have this magnificent site about one of the most important discoveries in modern science. Launched at December 10, to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of Linus Pauling’s receipt of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, this site contains about 800 documents, some of them unique, like the manuscript of Pauling’s first paper on the nature of the chemical bond, written in April 1931 or the correspondence with scientists like G. N. Lewis, A. A. Noyes and I. Langmuir. The site has mainly three sections: a narrative, describing the details of Linus Pauling discoveries, a documents repository (with letters, manuscripts, photographs, audio-clips and videos excerpts) and a curious diary, with notes of Pauling’s personal and professional activities through 1930 until 1939 as well as his Nobel year of 1954.

Other notable websites about Linus Pauling’s work: Linus Pauling and the Race for DNA and Linus Pauling Research Notebooks.