Internet Scout Project

One of the main goals of the Internet Scout Project, located at the University of Wisconsin, is to provide educators, students, researchers and librarians with fast, convenient ways of staying informed about the most valuable online resources. This project produces four reports, each one with a selection of great quality annotated online resources. These reports are: The Scout Report (one of the Web’s oldest and most respected current awareness services), NSDL Scout Report for Life Sciences (devoted to Biology, Zoology, Ecology, Botany and other Life Science topics), NSDL Scout Report for Physical Sciences (devoted to Geology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Physics and other Physical Science topics) and NSDL Report for Math, Engineering and Technology (devoted to Engineering, Calculus, Geometry, Applied Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Hardware, Software and related topics). The current issue of each one of these reports is available online or e-mailed to subscribers. Previous issues can be accessed through a handy archive. The participants in this project maintain a blog, the Internet Scout Weblog, which can be seen as a complement to the reports (since many sites that for any reason have not been selected are presented here).